About us

Postma & Tijsma, your versatile and skilled translators

A good translation ‘doesn’t read like a translation’, but is an accurate and clear reflection of the source text. That is the quality that Postma & Tijsma offers.

Are you an entrepreneur and do you really want to competitively distinguish your products and services in the international market? Then Postma & Tijsma is your experienced linguistic partner. Our translators combine a healthy dose of linguistic feeling with a special quality to express the essence of your text in the finest detail in a different language. We can translate all your technical and commercial documents, manuals and other professional texts to any language you want. To accomplish this, we work with a global network of translators. In our more than 25 years’ worth of history we’ve delivered countless high quality translations to various leading companies and institutions in the Netherlands and abroad.

If you choose Postma & Tijsma, then the readability and proper specialist terminology, as well as a correct and prompt handling of your translation work, is guaranteed. Discover the high quality standards that we set on professional translations.