Postma & Tijsma

In all subjects, in every language, using the right terminology

A good translation ‘doesn’t read like a translation’, but is an accurate and clear reflection of the source text. That is the quality that Postma & Tijsma offers.

Mother tongue translators

Translators who have grown up with the language into which they translate and live in the country where this is the current language.

The right expertise

Language professionals, also highly skilled in the professional field of translation.

Speed and accuracy

The translators at Postma & Tijsma deliver your translations quickly and accurately, so too if it’s an urgent translation.

5 Reasons why Postma & Tijsma can guarantee high quality

  • Always translated by a native speaker
  • Always has knowledge of your professional field
  • Modern tools
  • More than 25 years of know-how and experience
  • Many satisfied leading customers